Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out information about registration and the season?

All registration information is posted in April for the next Fall/Spring Registration and in January for the Spring Registration on Comcast Cable Channel 7, and appears in: The Almanac newspaper, The Peters Township Reading Rec and More newsletter, and is also posted on this PTSA website.

How much are the fees to play soccer?

The fees are based on the birth year of the child. Below is a chart of the fees:

Age Group Spring Sessions Fall and Spring Sessions
U-5/U-6 $45 $70
All Others $55 $85
Family Maximum $225 $225 Note 2
Travel Program Fees $45 $90 Note 3
Late Registration Fee Note 1 $10 $10

Note 1 - Late Registration fee will be added onto the family's registration amount and can exceed the family maximum after July 15th for the Fall/Spring Registrants and February 28th for Spring Registrants.

Note 2 - Family maximum continues in the Spring for the families who registered children in the Fall. For example, if a family's registration fees for the Fall added up to $160.00 and they wanted to register their twins to play in the grasshopper league in the Spring, their registration fees for the Spring would be $65.00, not $90.00.

Note 3 - The Travel Program includes weekly training giving by certified instructors from the MLS Camps. There may also be other training offered, including weekly drop-ins covering specific skill areas, and winter training.

I never coached soccer before, am I eligible to coach a Grasshopper team?

Soccer experience may be helpful, but certainly is not required to coach a Grasshopper team. The focus of a Grasshopper coach is less on instruction of soccer technique than it is on instilling in these young players a sense of teamwork. Many, if not most Grasshopper coaches get their introduction to soccer in general and coaching in particular through this program. If you are a "first timer," you will have plenty of company. Because many Grasshopper coaches are new to the game or coaching at any level, the PTSA website, under the link "Coaching," provides many suggested practice drills and other tips to assist new coaches. Also, through our relationship with Sporting Essentials / MLS Camps, all PTSA coaches have access to the full curriculum of age specific soccer training modules of "Soccer Made Simple". Further, PA West Soccer Association provides various levels of soccer coaching license courses that PTSA coaches may participate in.

My child registered in the Fall. Do we need to register again for the Spring?

PTSA's in-house soccer season consists of two sessions; a Fall session and the following Spring session. Therefore, a registration for play in the Fall 2009 session entitles the player to play in the Spring 2010 session. There is no need to re-register for Spring 2010. Registration for the Fall 2010/Spring 2011 season will begin in April 2010.

Will my child play on the same team in the Spring he/she played with in the Fall?

Yes. As indicated above, rosters for the Fall session carry over to the following Spring.

My child did not play in the Fall, but would like to play in the Spring.

The PTSA will have an additional registration for in-house teams, beginning in January for the Spring session, at a reduced registration fee. Go to the Registration page of this website for online Registration information or to print a Spring Registration card to mail in.

Can we request a particular team, coach or teammate?

Parents may request that their child be assigned to a particular team or coach. Although PTSA's policy is to attempt to honor such requests within reason, it cannot guarantee that all requests will be satisfied. PTSA strives for parity by making the teams as evenly balanced as possible both in terms of player age, player ability and other factors (although, at the Grasshopper level this is not possible because Grasshopper players have no meaningful "track record" of playing ability). To the extent such requests can be accommodated without creating undue disparities in team parity, however, the age group commissioners generally attempt to accommodate such requests. Cut off dates for such requests are February 28 for the Spring session and July 15 for the Fall/Spring sessions and must be made in writing to the appropriate age group Commissioner.

My child is very big/small for his/her age. Can he/she play in an older (or younger) age bracket?

Experience has demonstrated the value of children playing within their indicated age group. The PTSA recognizes, however, that there may be special circumstances, on a case-by-case basis, making deviation from the age groupings appropriate for some children in limited circumstances. Ability alone is not a rationale for moving a player up an age division. This website includes PTSA's operating procedures (under the Rules tab) that spell out the PTSA policy for player requests to move up or down in age bracket. Please review these operating procedures in order to determine whether your child meets the eligibility criteria before making a request to move a player up or down in age bracket. PTSA does not allow players to move-up age groups for Travel teams, unless there are too few players trying out within a single age group and it is deemed necessary by the Travel Commissioner and PTSA President.

What equipment and uniform do I need to buy?

All players must wear shin guards. Soccer cleats are required for everyone except the Grasshoppers, but we highly recommend them for the Grasshoppers also. For safety, PTSA rules do not allow any sport shoes that have a center toe cleat (as is often found on baseball or football spikes). When purchasing cleated shoes for soccer, make sure they are labeled as soccer shoes on their box. Soccer referees enforce our rules for safety and will disallow a player who is not wearing soccer cleats. PTSA requires its in-house players to wear the PTSA reversible red/white shirt, black shorts and soccer socks that completely cover shin guards. The PTSA sanctioned in-house reversible shirt, shorts, socks, and other equipment can be ordered online at For more information and a link to Sporting Essentials, click here. Every player is required to have the age appropriate size ball. No jewelry may be worn during a game - including earrings. Travel players must wear the approved travel uniform; purchase information will be given by the coaches. More information about uniforms can be found at the following page: Uniform Information

How often will my child's team practice?

Grasshoppers typically practice once a week. Other in-house and travel teams typically practice twice a week.

When and where will the games be played?


Weather permitting, all grasshopper games are scheduled for Saturdays during the playing Fall/Spring sessions, excluding holiday weekends, on the hour, with the first games beginning at 9:00 a.m. All games are played at the "Old Grasshopper Field" located in Peterswood Park across Meredith Drive from the playground near the intersection of Meredith Drive and Froebe Road and the Peterswood Soccer Complex (Field 5), also located in Peterswood Park. See the Directions tab on this website for more detailed directions.

U-8 Boys and Girls

The U-8 children play at the Peterswood Soccer Complex (Field 5), located in Peterswood Park and the Venetia Fields located behind the old Venetia school off of Venetia Road. See the Directions page on this website for more detailed directions.

U-10 Boys and Girls

The U-10 children play at Rees Park. These fields are located off McCombs Road near the intersection of Venetia Road. See the Directions tab on this website for more detailed directions.

U-12-14-15 Boys and Girls

The U-12-14-15 children play either at Elm Grove Park, at the Peterswood Soccer Complex (Field 5), or at the High School. See the Directions page on this website for detailed directions.

Will or when will the coach contact me regarding team assignments?

Yes, all coaches in all age brackets are responsible for making the initial contact to their players and are encouraged to do so as soon as rosters are provided to the coach. They will be contacting their players for the Fall session towards the middle of August and for the Spring session they will contact their players towards the middle of March. Travel coaches will contact players in late June or early July to offer roster spots for the Fall.

How will I know if a practice or game is called off because of rain or any other reason?

Our website has a Field Status link located on the menu bar that is updated daily; that will also let you know if the fields are closed. Coaches also contact the players on their roster regarding any schedule change or cancellation; most coaches communicate via email, so be sure to check emails on practice and game days.

I live outside of the Township; is my child eligible to play soccer in Peters Township?

Any inquiries from a neighboring township must be directed to Peters Township's Parks and Recreation Director.

How can I get involved as a volunteer for PTSA?

As a non-profit organization, PTSA is fully funded by player registration fees and modest fundraising. PTSA has been able to keep its fees low and attracts about 1,250 registered players annually. Unlike other soccer associations that employ or retain coaches who are paid, the PTSA is a 100% volunteer organization. Consequently, the PTSA is always in need of volunteers to serve on its Board of Directors, as Coaches and Assistant Coaches, Team Administrators, Adopt-a-Field workers, Referee Assignors. Most of the PTSA volunteers have had no prior experience in these capacities and have found their work on behalf of the PTSA to be a very rewarding community service. So, to volunteer, contact the PTSA President, or any other member of the PTSA Board of Directors (contact information on this website under the Contacts tab).

How many soccer fields does the PTSA own?

The PTSA owns none of the fields it uses. Every year, the PTSA must obtain permits for field usage from the Peters Township Parks & Recreation Department. All of the fields we have access to are designated as multipurpose fields by the Peters Township Parks & Recreation Department. Consequently, the same fields the PTSA uses for soccer, may also be used by other sports associations such as Lacrosse or Football, and may be used by any resident at times when our permits are not in effect. Although the PTSA Adopt-a-Field volunteers periodically condition the fields with sod, soil, aeration, and irrigation, Peters Township has the responsibility to maintain the overall condition of the fields and disallows the PTSA from cutting or fertilizing them (under terms of its maintenance workers' union contract). Due to year-round usage of the fields we use for soccer and the very high number of players using the fields for training sessions and matches (virtually every day of the week during the Fall and Spring soccer seasons), the fields receive a high degree of wear and tear. The PTSA does its level best to encourage Peters Township to provide year round maintenance of the fields and on a cooperative basis we are always looking for ways to improve them. The bottom line is the fields get a lot of use, soccer play is extremely hard on the turf, and the climate in Western Pennsylvania is not optimal for turf growth and season to season reconditioning.

Where do player registration fees go?

The PTSA operates on an annual budget and reports to its Members on revenue and major categories of expenses in its Winter edition of the Soccer Shorts newsletter. Our major expenses are for referee fees (a high majority of which are paid to Peters Township residents, predominantly youth, who are certified soccer referees), water for field irrigation, goals and nets, registration fees paid to PA West Soccer Association, fees paid to independent evaluators utilized for Travel program tryouts, and fees incurred by our Coaches for obtaining Act 33/34 criminal background and child abuse clearances. The additional Travel Program fees go directly to pay for the certified instructors from the MLS Academy who will tailor age-specific training for each Travel team. Other training may be offered as well. Also, certain capital improvements are paid for by the PTSA, such as sprinkler irrigation systems that have been installed at the fields of Rees Park, Venetia Park and Elm Grove Park. No compensation is paid to anyone in their capacity as a PTSA Board Member or Coach.

If you still have a registration question, you can contact the registrar, Maureen Nee.