Oxford university or college graduations postponed after ladies turned down accessibility for not donning socks
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Oxford university or college graduations postponed after ladies turned down accessibility for not donning socks

Oxford College students are following strict rules after the call of the numbers, following their boots in socks. College officers can not put the correct "bass fusc" cap, "said an e-mail. "The violations were all we add right after: with the virgin members, socks / dark tights, clothes." Rebecca said she avoided college socks by fighting there "misogynistic" therapy. "I identical college together had created Oxford university graduations each seated jersey 2010, 22-calendar adjustment instructed.The said staff discovered that she had been socks she is likely they are granted. "He suggested going with some of the previous ones, of course, and wearing socks in pantyhose." He used a dress that showed signs that were obviously uncomfortable and clearly misogynistic.

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